Clients working with MCA Engineering can rely on customised products tested to Australian standards. MCA can assist with innovative solutions for mechanical engineering projects throughout Australia.

All throughout Australia, mechanical engineering projects are underway for installations of new plants and equipment. With MCA Engineering, you can rest easy with the knowledge that professional staff, familiar with Australian standards will help you complete your project efficiently and with the best results. A leader in the mining and construction contracting industry, MCA has expanded its core offerings to provide equipment and assistance with mechanical engineering and many other projects. The need for functional, quality equipment is huge in Australia and only the best products will suffice.

At MCA Engineering, we customise and test our products before delivering them to you in order to give you the equipment you need at its best quality. MCA Engineering also provides complete industry solutions for your mechanical engineering project in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory or anywhere else in the country. Every project is specific and carries its own challenges. We promise to work hard investigating your needs to determine how the project can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Receive Innovative, Expert Advice

Due to the demand for engineering projects, especially in mining and construction, thinking of innovative solutions for mechanical engineering projects in Queensland or Northern Territory is important. MCA Engineering can do that for you, along with finding a way to complete your project safely. With a reputation for impeccable safety, trust MCA Engineering to manage your project efficiently and productively. Our customised approach to our clients helps us stand apart from others in the industry, and we can advise you in the best way possible to finish your project successfully.

Whether you’re in Western Australia or New South Wales, be confident that MCA Engineering is here to work in your best interest. We constantly seek to improve ourselves — since our start in 2004, we now have 120 dedicated professionals on our team who can focus on your project. Everyone from tradesmen and specialist suppliers to assistants will work on your behalf to ensure the quality result you deserve from your mechanical engineering project.

Complete All Engineering Projects

Our specialisations include much more than mining and construction. We understand that expanding our scope will allow us to serve more clients with our expert, professional team and our outstanding products.

Take a look at our equipment here and our detailed descriptions of their functions. What you see on the website does not have to be what you get — we customise our equipment to fit your needs, so you can be assured that what you receive will do the job it needs to do.

Mechanical engineering in Australia is complicated enough without the worry of receiving defective equipment or products that do not work for your specific project. With MCA Engineering, you will never have to concern yourself with that again. We manufacture products to fit your every need, and test them completely before we ship them to you.