1200 Class Winder

The MCA 1200 Class Winder is a cutting-edge rope winding device for mining, building, and marine applications. It is a compact device that takes up little space when installed, but its integrated hydraulic drive offers exceptional performance.


Air Winch

MCA Air Winches are the optimal choice for construction, mining, and marine applications. Underground mining requires reliable, safe, and dependable hoisting equipment. MCA produces and markets them in Australia, adhering to local standards.

News - Lifepoint Rock Bolt Anchor

Lifepoint Rock Bolt Anchor

The Lifepoint Rock Bolt Anchor is the most cutting-edge, advanced, and state-of-the-art anchoring solution for today’s risky, high-performance work environments. The two-person fall arrest anchor is specially suited to the mining and construction industries.

Hydra Drill 360

Hydra Drill 360

MCA Engineering’s Hydra Drill 360 is a safe, efficient, and economical method for installing rock bolts. MCA’s knowledge and experience in the mining sector guarantee that they maintain one step ahead of their competitors.


Chain Jacks

MCA Engineering has created a chain jack assembly that addresses a vast variety of customer needs and delivers top value. The chain jack is one of the safest and most efficient ways to lift or lower heavy loads.


25000 Kg Winder

The MCA 25000 Kg Winder is the optimum method for shaft maintenance and egress systems. Underground mining depends heavily on the ability, reliability, and safety of the hoisting equipment. This Winder delivers the highest degree of safety.

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