Our Shaft Rescue system is designed for rapid response, deployment and resolution of underground mining emergencies. The SRS-1200 is a mobile rescue winder that is a completely self-sufficient and capable of retrieving 5 personnel at a time from depths of up to 1500m.

MCA Engineering Success

Since the early concept stage, the MCA design team has ensured that the SRS-1200 Shaft Rescue system has been designed to meet the highest engineering and safety standards. With many current rescue winders being too short or too slow to rescue miners our system represents the best option in mobile rescue winders in Australia.

The SRS-1200 has been designed in accordance with the Technical Reference Guidelines for NSW Mine winding systems and other relevant Australian Standards. The mechanical and structural components are capable of withstanding loads above 120% of the rope break load.

The unit includes a wireless communications system, capable of voice and data comms to the full 1500m depth. The system is mounted on a 10×4 Volvo FMX Truck which can be supplied in an all-terrain style set-up, or other truck options are available.

  • Extendable walkway for easy assess to the personnel conveyance (cage)
  • Fast and easy operational setup. No ground anchoring required
  • 24 hour run time without refuelling
  • Winder operation using remote control pendant
  • Camera mounted below conveyance allowing for shaft inspection
  • Camera inside conveyance and on the truck for monitoring personnel
  • A two-way communication system between surface and conveyance,
  • Suitable for use in underground coal mines (ex rated)
  • Back-up hydraulic pump system powered by a 415V supply
  • Road registrable
Stowed PositionOperating Position

The Winder includes 2 stainless steel brake discs mounted directly to the drum, each with 2 calipers per path, developing a capacity of more than 200% of the maximum rated load. MCA has a custom design, compact braking manifold, complete with dual return lines for each caliper.

Information and feedback is constantly monitored to identify any changes in operation, allowing for advanced identification of faults prior to problems developing. All brakes are fail safe (spring applied, hydraulic release) and will stop the Winder in the result of lost pressure or power.

Winder Specifications
Max Speed1.5m/s
Max Payload (end of rope)1500kg
Max Capacity (per path)215%
Line Pull5000kg
Rope Capacity1300m
Rope Size16mm
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