MCA’s Construction Headframe and Winding System presents the latest innovation in rope winding equipment for mining and construction industries. Providing customisable equipment with superior capabilities, MCA caters to a project’s specific needs and demands.

24m Headframe

The 24000 Class Construction Headframe has been especially designed to perform a large variety of shaft work. The system incorporates a 15m x 15m square layout of the support footings, allowing a significant span to avoid existing or future infrastructure required around the shaft collar. The steel foundation option allows for a rapid set up and demobilisation.

1200 Class Winder

The 1200 Class Winder is the latest innovation in rope winding equipment for the mining, construction and marine industry. Designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and Guidelines, the 1200 Class Winder’s compact design provides a small footprint for installation, while its integrated hydraulic drive offers exceptional performance.

Market leading, innovative technology within the design allows for unprecedented fine control of large rope loads, increasing your lifting capacity and control, while meeting the highest safety requirements.

The 1200 Class Winder is manufactured in Australia, in partnership with highly reputable local supply partners, ensuring life-long reliability.

Mechanical Design
  • Grooved shells RHLL to 36mm interchangeable rope sizes
  • Bolt on brake discs (2000mm diameter)
  • Spring apply hydraulic release brake callipers (200% capacity each path)
  • Dual redundant brake return poppet valve system
  • Planetary drive reducing foot print increased torque and control
  • Integrated shaft to winder communication MDG 2005
1200 Class Cage Winder

Safe access throughout the depth of the shaft is available via the 1200 Class Cage Winder. Together with the Headframe and Stage, it operates as a fully integrated system, preventing any risk of falls. Gates on the Headframe and Stage are interlocked to ensure access is only available when the cage is docked at the relevant location and the system is in a “ready to operate” condition. This also applies to the doors on the man riding conveyance, which will only allow operation when in a safe location. The 1200 Class Cage Winder incorporates a customisable shell design that allows for different rope sizes to be interchanged as required for the project.

1200 Class Stage Winder

Shaft work is completed via the utilisation of the stage; a movable work platform operated via the 1200 Class Stage Winder. Stage construction is fully customisable to suit the conditions and requirements of any job, with alterations including the number of and spacing between working decks, and stage diameter. Stage designs also incorporate equipment allowing highly efficient and safe projects, such as a hydraulic actuated davit arm crane, which can be used to position services against the shaft wall during installation.

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Customer preferred brake selection is available on request. MCA also offer built to order winders and winches for specific project requirements. Site specific arrangements can be accommodated for short or long term hire options. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.