MCA Engineering’s fully modular and versatile escape ladder way for underground mining.

Design and Fabrication

Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with AS 1657, the Escape Ladder Way System is the latest innovation from MCA Engineering. The fully modular system is designed for single suspension installation to suit existing or new shafts of various diameters or gradients up to a depth of 220m, and can be tailored to customer requirements.

The Escape Ladder Way System is fully galvanised to meet the demands of the harsh corrosive environments in underground mining. Sourced from quality Australian steel and manufactured in Australia, MCA Engineering has years specialising in the fabrication of underground mining equipment and steelwork.


Available in modular and maneuverable sections, the Esacape Ladder Way can be easily transported on site or underground and is installed and lowered from the top of the shaft. A custom and certified lifting arrangement represents one of the safest and most efficient solutions for installation.

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