The MCA 25000kg Winder is the optimal solution in shaft maintenance and egress systems.

Underground mining depends critically on the capability, reliability and safety of the hoisting equipment. MCA Engineering have designed and manufactured a 25 Tonne Winder that assures the highest level of safety coupled with maximum performance.

MCA’s 25000kg Winder was designed to meet a client’s requirement of having a shaft maintenance winder as well as a unit that could also provide Emergency Egress. Therefore the winder’s main purpose is shaft maintenance including rope changes, bridal and skip changes with the option of man riding.

The winder drum is driven by a variable displacement hydraulic motor via a reduction gearbox mechanism. In turn the hydraulic motor is driven by either a diesel or electric motor. This solution gives huge torque with exceptional control.

With a customer focused design, the 25 Tonne winder is your optimal solution in shaft maintenance and egress systems.

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