MCA Engineering’s chain jack assembly has been developed with a highly customer focused approach and the ability to provide high value solutions for a diverse range of customer requirements. The chain jack system represents one of the safest and most efficient ways to lift or lower heavy loads in confined spaces.

The initial design of the chain jacking system was to lower steel linings into an underground ore pass delivery system. For this application the chain jacking system was used to both lower and raise the ore bin linings in a safe, precise and reliable manner.

However the list of applications for this robust, easy to install equipment is extensive. Whether you need to lift 10 Tonne or 1000 Tonne, MCA Engineering can design and manufacture a solution to meet your heavy lifting requirements.

Chain32mm Grade 80
SWL31.500 tonne per Jack
Lowering300mm per/min
Lift300mm per/min
Pressure Main Jack2,000 PSI
Pressure Load Levelling Cylinders10,000 PSI
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