Hire the right equipment for your project.

MCA Engineering offers long or short term hire agreements for the following pieces of equipment. Services and routine maintenance have been completed on a regular basis, making the equipment safe and reliable for use. For information and availability, contact one of our friendly MCA representatives, or download the Hire Agreement.

Terex AT20 Franna Crane

MCA offers 2 x 20T Terex Franna cranes for wet or dry hire. The Franna crane hire can be accompanied with:

  • Lifting Equipment
  • Experienced crane operator
  • Mine site compliant
  • Inspection documentation
  • Insurance

24M Construction Head Frame

MCA Engineering has developed this frame to provide access to new and existing shafts for the purpose of ground support or shaft maintenance allowing access to a depth of 1200 metres.

Winders 1200 Class (MDG 33.1)

The MCA 1200 Class Winder is the latest in innovation in rope winding equipment for the mining, construction and marine industry. Designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and Guidelines, the MCA 1200 Class Winder’s compact design provides a small footprint for installation, while its hydraulic drive offers exceptional performance. 

Click here to download a product information brochure.

Caterpillar Excavator 323E

MCA Engineering offers a Caterpillar 323E excavator for hire. The excavator can be accompanied with:

  • Internal and external E-Stop
  • Mud bucket, rock breaker and Plates
  • Full mine site compliance
  • Service and maintenance documents

Sany 80T Crawler Crane

MCA Engineering offers a Sany 80T crawler crane for dry and wet hire. The Sany 80T crane can be accompanied with:

  • Lattice boom
  • Counter weights
  • Mine site compliance
  • All relevant documentation
  • Experience operator (on wet hire)

Freightliner B-Triple

MCA Engineering offers a B-Triple transportation service to all areas of Australia:

  • Reliable and on time delivery
  • Experience driver
  • All relevant permits

Caterpillar 930 Loaders

MCA Engineering offers 3 x 930 Cat Loaders for wet or dry hire. The loader hire can be accompanied with:

  • Man baskets
  • MCA Hydra Drill 360
  • Insurance
  • Mine site compliance
  • Experience operator

25000 Kg Winder

Designed and manufactured by MCA, the 25000 Kg Winder is available for short or long term hire. The Winder is accompanied by a 165KW hydraulic power pack. The Winder hire can also be accompanied with:

  • Delivery and pick up
  • Insurance
  • Minor alterations to meet specific requirements
  • Service history

Tilt Tray Transport

MCA offers an Isuzu FVZ series tilt tray truck for hire. The tilt tray can be accompanied with:

  • Experienced operator
  • Mine site compliant
  • Insurance
  • Full service history

Mine Compliant Light Vehicles

MCA Engineering offers a variety of mine compliant light vehicles including Toyota Landcruiser Wagons and Toyota Hilux utilities. The LV hire can be accompanied with:

  • Service history
  • Insurance

Stages and Cages

Various sizes available for any capability.

Ropes and Attachments

Various sizes available for any capability.