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MCA are the experts in mining and engineering across Australia, providing services in fabrication, installation and construction, and mine shaft services.

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At MCA, we have services that cover all needs within mining and construction. Our highly skilled team is able to provide a range of services and tailor them to suit your exact needs. Whether it’s engineering or specialised fabrication, we can help.

MCA Engineering services

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Installation and Construction

Our installation services cover the installation of SMP structures as well as the installation of other mining equipment. Our team understands that not every installation will be the same. They ensure that they plan down to the last detail so that any structures will remain secure and ready to use on site.

Installation and construction


We provide engineering services to cater to all your needs on and off site. We have a range of qualified engineers in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, meaning we can cover any needs in mining or construction. Our strong engineering capabilities produce detailed studies for the concept, pre-feasibility, feasibility, and commissioning stages of a project. Our engineering services also cover:

  • Structural Integrity Assessment
  • Constructability Assessment
  • Certification of equipment and structures
  • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Lifting study
  • Estimation
  • Project Engineering
  • Drafting and 3D modelling
  • Shop fabrication drawings
  • Finite Element Analysis

Engineering services

Mine Shaft Services

We’re the shaft specialists for all mining projects with up-to-date safety certifications. Our shaft work capabilities include design and construction projects as well as shutdown work. MCA Engineering projects have included the design, build, and commissioning of both a triple-deck drilling stage concept with overhead protection and a purpose-built 5 deck stage. These have carried out structural or concrete replacement as well as various shaft recovery projects involving the removal of redundant steel work, replacement of fixed guides, and installation of new steel work.

mine-shaft services

Rock Bolting and Drilling

We have the capability to perform rock bolting service installation and ground support requirements. We have produced results for our clients that have delivered added value in terms of safety, efficiency, quality, and significantly enhanced site productivity.

The Hydra Drill 360 is a prime example of our innovative capabilities. The Hydra Drill 360 is a custom-built drilling platform. When operated with the integrated tool carrier, it is completely self-sufficient, having its own air and water system on board. The ability to install catenary cables, rock bolts, and brackets with a 360-degree drill rotation makes installation a low cost and efficient service.

rock bolting and drilling services

Maintenance Shutdown; Surface and Underground

Across mine sites throughout Australia, we provide shutdown maintenance services for above surface machinery and below surface mining equipment and machinery. Our team is fully equipped for all maintenance, cleaning, and possible repairs of the equipment and machinery used on your site.

Shutdowns can be stressful and time consuming, but we ensure we complete all necessary maintenance in a timely manner and to suit your budget. We come in on budget and on time so you can get your site up and running again at its full capacity.

piling services

Poly Pipe Installation

We provide all excavation and poly pipe installation services for your project. Our expert excavator operators can trench and install any piping necessary. Whether you’re in the mining industry or other construction sectors, our team has the capability to complete a job that will exceed your expectations.
Poly pipe installation services


We can provide water evaporation, borehole, or pumping services for all your dewatering needs. We have superior equipment that can quickly and efficiently clear any groundwater at mining sites or pump water from construction sites to reduce delays on your work schedule. We’ll leave the site completely dry and ensure that it is ready for you to begin construction or continue work.
Dewatering services

Engineering Capabilities

The team at MCA Engineering are experts in engineering, specifically the design and manufacturing of mine shaft specific machinery and vehicles. Our SRS-1200- Rescue system is a prime example of our team's strong engineering capabilities. For our clients we can design and construct machines specific to their needs within the mining industry. The SRS-1200- Rescue system was designed for Anglo Coal in Queensland and has revolutionised the mine shaft rescue industry with its rescue capabilities.

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