The Lifepoint™ Rock Bolt Anchor
self-testing two person anchor point.

The most innovative, advanced and state-of-the-art anchor for use in today’s demanding, high-risk work environments.

Rock Bolt Anchor is a two person fall arrest anchor that is designed specifically for the mining and construction industry for fall arrest, fall restraint, work positioning, personnel riding and rescue systems.

When you install it you also test it:

  • The unique patented load-sensing washer indicates the Lifepoint anchor system rating of 21kN, which is the current requirement for a 2-person anchor point.
  • Exceeds the single person anchor point rating of 15kN as a standard component of the design.

The anchor point capability is verified via the unique patented load-sensing washer which tests the integrity of the rock bolt to support a 2 person fall arrest.

The mandatory inspections and testing are simplified!

  • The ongoing mandatory 6 monthly test requirements are now as simple as replacing the patented load sensing washer.
  • Saving you valuable money and time.